How to Decorate Bedroom with Handmade Things

Are you looking for some creative DIY crafts and ideas to make your bedroom decor awesome? There are so many beautiful things which you can buy from your nearest decorative accents store but if you want to show your creativity or want to decorate your bedroom with your art and skills then I am going to tell you about some ideas for decorating DIY bedrooms. After doing these methods, your bedroom will quickly be fun and colorful from blah and boring. First, I am going to tell you about some easy DIY methods which you can apply for decorating your home and after that I will tell you what kind of handmade accessories are most important for your bedroom and how you can use these. So let’s start with DIY project

1. Decorate your room wall:

– Take wall papers which contain different patterns.
– Cut it in heart shape.
– When you have a lot of heart shape stickers then attach about 10 to 15 sticker in one series.
– When you have 10–20 series then attach it in a single decorative rope and hang through the wall.

Beautiful Wall Decoration

2. Make Butterfly stickers:

This is the most popular way to decorate a room wall. Now you don’t have to spend money for buying butterfly stickers. Follow the below steps and make butterfly stickers yourself.
– Take thick white paper and draw butterfly shape on it by pen or pencil
– Take a scissors and cut paper in butterfly shape.
– After that put this butterfly sticker on the paper and cut the other one in the same shape.
– Apply this method till then you have 50–100 butterfly stickers.
– When you have a lot of stickers then decorate it using glue, sparkle pen etc.
– Stick these stickers on wall like below image and enhance the beauty of your

Butterfly stickers on Wall

Now I am going to tell you the accessories are most important

1. Handmade Carpet:

Decoration of a room is incomplete without a handmade carpet. Handmade carpet is the soul of a decorative room. It gives a classic or contemporary touch to a room. It also provides coyness, comfort, and rich look to a room. If you want to give a comfort atmosphere and want to use handmade things then this is on the first priority.
Handmade carpet is the symbol of royalty and this is available in a huge variety and several patterns. You can easily find you color combination, design and size according to your requirement. Put a medium size handmade carpet in front of the bed and a small carpet at the entry way of your bedroom. If you have attached bathroom with your bedroom then you should put a small handmade carpet close to your bathroom.

Beautiful Handmade carpet on Floor

2. Place an attractive round wooden bed:

Most of the people used rectangular shape bed and as we know that, in a bedroom bed is the main focal point. So you should take an attractive round bed for your bedroom which looks different from other bedrooms.

Round wooden Bed

If you take a circular bed for your bedroom then it looks better if you use a round carpet in front of your circular bed like below image.

Round wooden Bed with carpet

These above methods you can follow for giving a new classic and contemporary look to your bedroom in a unique way.

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